Trajectories Festival > Cie XY – Loric FOUCHEREAU et Oded AVINATHAN



Loric is coming from the CNAC and Oded from “Cirque de Lomme”. Both of them belong to XY company which is working on the mix dance/circus and touring worlwide. At this moment, they are performing in “Mobius” which knows a great success all over Europe. It’s a great opportunity for dancers and circus artists to contaminate each other through Oded and loric’s proposition.


Company XY is working around acrobatics and lifts in a strong group. It proposes workshops based on physical entertainment focused on development , body awareness, self confidence and trust in the partner. The challenge consists in participating in  a physical and emotional truth about a shared moment of movement that leaves participants informed, centered and enlivened.

« Mobius » is a mix of contemporary dance and acrobatics ; bodies will be a way of expression and we’ll try to find through the movement how we can introduce aerial propositions and lifts.

Through several games and exercises, we’re going to learn how  our body reacts, its strengths and limitations , we’ll explore its capacities.

We’re going to unite our strengths to build movement and expression all together, to keep us going higher and further, looking for new ways, new supports.