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Dimitri JOURDE



Dimitri started his training by circus, working with Annie Fratellini and then was admitted to a National Circus Center as an acrobat. He was graduated in 1998 with the show «  C’est pour toi que je fais ça » promoted by Guy Alloucherie.

Turning to contemporary dance, he started a collaboration with Kubilaï Khan Investigations for several creations (Soy Poko Dance Mecania Popular Gyrations of barbarous tribes ). At the same time, he was working for the Cirque Désac- cordé and choreographed  the show « Les oiseaux du bord du monde (1999-2005). »

In 2003, he danced for the famous norwegian choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen (cie Zero Visibility Corp) and then for François Verret and participated to different creations as (Chantier musil et  Sans retour).

In 2007, he joined Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui company as both a perfomer and an artistic manager. In 2009 he presents the solo « Xebeche » 

Then he joined Company Yoann Bourgeois as a performer (Celui qui tombe) and  an artistic manager.


Dimitri’s work will focus on the relationship between the floor and the air, or how to  move from the floor to verticality. Tu use the floor as a liquid form, looking for both a flowing and dynamic  state of body.

The workshop  will be divided into  two parts : in the first time, training,floor work, technical practise ; in the second time, learning a choreography , using what has been taught previously  during the class. At the end, possibility of personal improvisation.