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Born in the United States, Robert is currently based in Brussels.  He was a high level gymnast for 13 years and then enrolled in the BFA program in Theatre and Dance at the University of New Mexico.

He has worked with many companies such as Utopia Danza-Teatro, Chorea Theatre Association, Davis Freeman and Ayelen Parolin.  He joined Ultima Vez in 2002, where he participated in the creations Blush, Sonic Boom, PUUR, Spiegel as well as the revivals of What the Body Does Not Remember and In Spite of Wishing and Wanting. Since 2009, he works as a director, choreographer, performer and composer in collaboration with various artists in Belgium and abroad.

He develops his own artistic language based on more than twenty years of research and practical and theoretical experiences in the fields of theater, dance, sound/music and voice.

Robert is also a teacher and a regular contributor to various schools in Europe, including PARTS, SEAD and PERFOMACT. He is invited to give workshops internationally in different festivals or studios such as B12, Paris Summer Academy, FirstLight China, Gate8 or Parts Summer school.

Since 2018, Robert is a member of CID. ( International Dance Council)


The Awakened Body

 A movement and theatrical workshop guided towards unlocking the natural dynamic and creative state of the body,  allowing the individual to become totally and completely available to the work with oneself and others.

Each day we focus on the progressive development of one’s own artistic language in order to gain precise clarity in both form and content.  The main focus will be on confronting the psycho-physical barriers that we consciously or unconsciously self-impose.  Through guided movement and theatrical exercises, we will enter into the heart of our ‘unknown’, both within ourselves and within our work. Naturally, this asks us to develop a more refined awareness with respect to the dynamic relationship between impulse and action.

We will work with ‘impossible’ tasks allowing one’s inner ‘obstacles’ to become more transparent through dealing with elements of risk or danger, employing tasks to challenge our apparent physical, psychological, and emotional limitations to give us the opportunity to go beyond them…revealing our unique language and presence as performers and creators.

This workshop is open to all actors, dancers, and performers.