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Born in Serbia, raised in Switzerland, Tamara studied in London before settling in Brussels where she is now based. In the UK, she worked with Rosemary Butcher and Simon Vincenzi and in Brussels with Peeping Tom (Vader, The Land). Since 2016 she is collaborating closely with the Swiss based choreographer Tabea Martin as a dancer and as an assistant choreographer. Working as an independent artist and performer, she is teaching, creating and performing under the name of Le Facteur.



During the workshop we will use the impulse of electronic and techno music to let the body go into a trance, in a repetitive yet circular way of moving, a primitive response to the sound to bring up an animal way of moving.

We will organise and deconstruct our gestures, our moves, our body, constantly reaching for stimulation and surprise, exploring different qualities of movement through fluid or released phrases as well as others more abrupt or contracted. The dance varies between linearity and animality with a constant quest of strong and unusual physicalities.

We will explore a vast spectrum of movement qualities and use guided improvisation to find the many characters that are hidden in each of us